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Ottawa DG: Mathieu Darche’s name brought up in discussion

The Senators were officially sold last week. Michael Andlauer, the franchise’s new owner, has some decisions to make…

And he’ll have to start thinking quickly about those decisions. After all, we’ve been talking about the possibility of Pierre Dorion (GM) being fired for some time now. The same goes for DJ Smith…

Smith’s case isn’t as pressing as Dorion’s, however. The draft, after all, is almost a week away… And the Senators can’t afford to arrive at the draft with so much uncertainty hanging over the team’s management.

It will be particularly interesting to see what happens in Ottawa.

Pierre Dorion has been the team’s GM since the 2016-2017 season. In his first year at the helm, the Sens came within one goal of reaching the Stanley Cup Final…

And since then, the Senators have never been able to qualify for the playoffs. The team has missed the spring tournament in each of its last six campaigns.

Will Michael Andlauer decide to start anew if the current coach is unable to take the team to the next level? That’s what we’re wondering right now.

If such a scenario were to occur, it would have to happen soon. And, should it happen, Mathias Brunet (BPM Sports) this morning mentioned Mathieu Darche as a possible replacement for Dorion .

There’s a logical basis to all this. Michael Andlauer knows Julien BriseBois very well, and he could convince the latter to let Mathieu Darche go so that he can finally get the GM job he’s been coveting for several years now.

Remember that Darche “came close” to getting the GM job in Pittsburgh in the last few weeks, but that Kyle Dubas came along to muddy the waters. Remember also that the former CH player was in the running for the job in Montreal (about) a year and a half ago… As in Anaheim.

I think the idea makes sense. After all, the Senators really seem to need a fresh start with the hiring of the new owner because the results on the ice just aren’t there.

I can’t wait to see what decisions Michael Andlauer makes.

It should also be noted that Andlauer is expected to meet Daniel Alfredsson this week to see if the former captain of the organization is interested in a position within the team’s field hockey operations.

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