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Eric Engels: If the CH doesn’t move up in the draft, it could turn to Dubois
Eric Engels revealed a great piece of information in a recent article (Sportsnet), stating that the CH is more likely to go down than up in the next draft.

Wondering what’s in store for Kent Hughes and the Habs in the first round of the draft, Engels played a prediction game about the possibility of Pierre-Luc Dubois landing in Montreal…

And he writes in his article that, in his eyes, the Habs could be even more likely to trade for the Quebecer if Kent Hughes isn’t able to move up a few rungs, notably to get his hands on Will Smith or Leo Carlsson.

It’s not a crazy scenario. But from this perspective, it’s as if Kent Hughes’ ultimate goal is to add a top-notch center to his roster. Smith and Carlsson are both center players, as is Pierre-Luc Dubois…

And to see the names of all three players linked in the same sentence is no coincidence in my eyes.

However, it’s safe to say that the CH already has two good center players in Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach. We know that the plan for the latter was clear when Kent Hughes traded with the Hawks for him last year: the organization really wanted to see Dach become one of the team’s future centers.

What he was able to show this past season, in fact, points in that direction.

That’s why this person believes that the CH doesn’t necessarily need a guy like Pierre-Luc Dubois. Unless, of course, Suzuki, Dach or the Quebecer are moved to the wing…

Because we’re talking about players who need to play in a top-6 because of their overall qualities on the ice. At a certain point, it’s fine to want to add centers and it’s fine to have depth in that position…

You see where I’m going with this.

On the other side of the coin, it’s often said that an NHL team can never have too many centers. And that’s true…

But if the CH has to pay a high price for Dubois in Winnipeg, is it worth it?

You decide.

In gusto

– Of note.

– He’s had quite a season, Tage Thompson.

– Machine.

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