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Rafaël Harvey-Pinard is desperate for a one-stop contract

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard has proven himself and now wants to stay with the Canadiens year-round. He was excellent in 2022-23 and has certainly earned his place, even if it’s on the fourth line.

In an interview with Jonathan Bernier of Le Journal de Montréal, Harvey-Pinard made it clear that his time in Laval is over and that he now wants to get down to business in the big leagues.

He becomes a compensated free agent this summer, and Kent Hughes must re-sign this crowd favorite.

“Of course, my goal is to sign with the Habs. I want to play with the Habs next year.” – Rafaël Harvey-Pinard

The Quebecer reassures us, however, that there have been discussions between himself, his agent and Kent Hughes. CH fans would be very upset to see a talented local boy leave as a free agent. Fortunately, that shouldn’t happen.

And, to be honest, I don’t see why Harvey-Pinard shouldn’t have the opportunity to stay with the Habs as a regular player. He had a much better season than most other CH players.

He scored 20 points, including 14 goals, in just 34 games. There’s still room for improvement, but for a first half-year in the NHL, it’s pretty solid. Especially since his 14 goals put him in 4th place among Canadiens scorers in 2022-23, just behind Josh Anderson (21), Nick Suzuki (26) and Cole Caufield (26). Note that he achieved this feat without even playing half the season.

With 14 goals in 34 games, he was producing at a rate of 33 goals per full season. That’s incredible for a 24-year-old.

I hope for Harvey-Pinard’s sake, and for the Canadiens’, that the new contract will be a bridge contract. Two or three years with a respectable salary could allow Harvey-Pinard to show what he’s capable of on a regular basis and earn himself an even bigger contract at the end of it.

This would be the end of Rafaël Harvey-Pinard’s career with the Laval Rocket. His time with the CH affiliate was incredible. He collected 107 points, including 46 goals, in 145 games over 3 seasons in Laval.

In short, don’t worry about RHP’s contract. Kent Hughes surely wants to bring him back, and Harvey-Pinard absolutely wants to stay.


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