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Eduard Sale could slip to the end of the first round
The 2023 draft is an event that all field hockey fans look forward to.

Although there’s a certain amount of interest every year, this year promises to be one of the best in a long time.

With picks #5 and #31, the Montreal Canadiens have plenty of options open to them, and the possible scenarios are numerous.

In the event that Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson and Will Smith all emerge in the top four, and the CH doesn’t want to take a chance on Matvei Michkov, the choice seems very complicated.

Obviously, the possibility ofimproving one’s draft position has been raised, but which player should the Tricolore take with this 5th overall pick?

David Reinbacher, Ryan Leonard, Zach Benson, Dalibor Dvorsky… The candidates on the list are numerous.

At the start of the season, Eduard Sale’s name was mentioned by several scouts as a potential top-5, if not top-10, pick.

Last September, TSN ‘s Craig Button even ranked the young Czech player No. 2.


Still, there were several reasons to rank him in the top-10 of this draft in the first half of the season. His talent is undeniable. He has incredible vision, above-average puck handling, a great shot and a great skating stroke.

Simon St-Laurent of Toutsurlehockey (TSLH) has written a detailed article on this player, to help you learn more about him.

Basically, Sale is an outstanding playmaker, with a vast arsenal in the offensive zone. He played against men in the Czech Republic before turning 18.

He has amassed 14 points in 43 games, which isn’t bad for him, but his lack of willpower and defensive shortcomings make him a doubtful case.

During the U18 and U20 Junior World Championships, he was unable to stand out from the crowd, even though he collected a total of 41 points in as many games.

We expect more from a quality prospect who plays with men.

He got off to a good start in his professional season with HC Brno, but his form deteriorated as the campaign progressed.

Now, according to the MyNHLDraft website, which creates mock drafts, Sale is ranked 26th. Other draft experts like Shane Malloy rank him 27th, while EliteProspects and DobberProspects put him 25th and 32nd, respectively.

Craig Button, meanwhile, ranks him 7th on his final list.

Once again, this proves just how intriguing the 2023 draft will be from start to finish, with surprises aplenty.

Should the CH take a chance on the Czech with the Panthers’ pick?

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