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David Reinbacher: the kind of elite, reliable player you need to win the Cup
Time flies, and the draft is only 10 days away.

This long-awaited event will finally let us know who the Montreal Canadiens will select with their fifth overall pick(obviously if he isn’t traded up or even down in the draft).

This will finally put an end to the speculation, rumours and various links between several prospects and the CH.

Gone will be the “Will the CH take a chance on Matvei Michkov? and the “Is Will Smith THE Habs’ target? to name but a few.

In the meantime, however, it’s hard not to analyze and overanalyze every prospect who could be the Tricolore’s pick.

One such prospect, who is really creating quite a debate among Canadiens fans and analysts, is Austrian defenseman David Reinbacher.

It’s a name that was rather unknown a few months ago, but for some has become public enemy number one in Montreal.

Reinbacher is considered by many to be the best defenseman in the draft, and has been closely linked to the CH for several weeks now.

The vast majority of CH fans, including myself, don’t want to see the CH draft the Austrian defenseman, considering the offensive talent present in this draft.

However, we have to give the player a chance before making up our minds about Reinbacher.

Especially since, according to advanced statistics expert Thibaud Chatel, Reinbacher would be an excellent choice for the CH.

Chatel mainly explains that what makes Reinbacher so interesting is that he has a very high floor.

The 6-foot-2 Austrian defenseman already seems to have reached it, according to several experts.

“The weird thing about Reinbacher is that you watch him play and you feel like you’re looking at the end product. It’s pretty rare to see a young man be so confident in his game and make so few mistakes with the puck.” – Thibaud Chatel

What’s most striking about Chatel’s comments on Reinbacher is that, for him, the Austrian defender is exactly the kind of elite, reliable player you need in your team to win the Cup.

Chatel explains that he would be very excited about Reinbacher’s selection if he were the Montreal Canadiens.

The Austrian would represent a cornerstone of the Montreal defense for the next 10 to 15 years, according to Thibaud Chatel.

In short, these are very complimentary words for Reinbacher, giving another side of the coin to a youngster who is not well perceived by everyone.

Still, Reinbacher seems to be a defenseman who will easily establish himself in the NHL, but who won’t become a star, considering he doesn’t seem to have such a high ceiling.

And that’s where I think his selection would frustrate a lot of Montreal fans considering the other options (forwards) that would still be available at #5 along with Reinbacher.


In short, only a few days left to speculate before the fateful date.

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