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Remparts: what if Simon Gagné attracted Patrice Bergeron as coach?

For several weeks now, we’ve been wondering what the future holds for Patrice Bergeron. Rumours of his retirement have been circulating for several months now, and following the Bruins’ first-round exit this week, it was felt that it might be time to retire.

In reality, there’s still a scenario in which Bergeron returns to a Bruins uniform next year. On the other hand, at nearly 38, it would be hard to blame him for hanging up his skates after an illustrious career.

Assuming he retires, then, one wonders what the next steps in his career will be. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him take a year off to rest up, but considering he has the Bruins logo tattooed on his heart, he could also accept a position there, either as an ambassador or in field hockey management.

We agree that if Bergeron wants a job in Boston, he’ll get it. It’s as simple as that.

However, a reader also suggested a third, rather interesting option: could Simon Gagné, new GM of the Quebec Remparts, try to lure his very good friend Bergeron to the Remparts’ helm?

We know that the names of Louis Robitaille and Serge Beausoleil are being bandied about in Quebec City at the moment, but Gagné and Bergeron are very good friends. They organize a pro-am event on the Quebec side every year, and clearly, we’re talking about two great chums.

That said, beyond the fact that they know each other well, Bergeron also fits the bill. We know he’s from Quebec City (more specifically, L’Ancienne-Lorette), but more importantly, he’s very involved with the youngsters in the Bruins organization. He has the profile of a guy who could excel as a coach.

For the Remparts, this would be a very nice catch in order to replace Patrick Roy behind the bench. That said, one wonders if it would necessarily interest Bergeron. After all, despite his ties to Gagné and Quebec City, we’re talking about a guy who is well established in Boston and who could spend his post-career in the Bruins organization.

Will he want to move his entire family to Quebec City for a position he may only hold for a few years? It begs the question.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting idea, and one wonders if Gagné isn’t testing the waters with his friend. To be continued.

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