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Vladimir Putin considers banning Russian players from America

Matvei Michkov is such a special case. This morning, we learned that he would refuse to talk to certain teams before the draft, as if the Russian wanted to influence his next destination…

And it’s enough to make you sit up and take notice. After all, there’s so much uncertainty surrounding Michkov’s geopolitical and contractual situation in Russia that it’s hard to get a clear picture of his future in the NHL.

Undeniably, Michkov is one of the most talented players in the upcoming draft. Let’s face it, that’s the main reason why his name is getting so much attention.

But now… let’s just say it could get even more complicated. Yes, for those who are wondering, it does seem possible.

In fact, Renaud Lavoie said earlier this morning (BPM Sports) that Vladimir Putin could come and put a spanner in his works. But how?

By banning him from playing in America.

“Vladimir Putin is studying the possibility of banning young Russian players from playing in America,” the TVA Sports journalist confided. And that, you understand, may scare the various NHL general managers.

The subject had been raised recently… But to see that Putin is still studying the possibility is not a good sign for the future.

And it certainly won’t help the various experts, who were already reluctant to see him selected in the top-10 :


What we know, for now, is that Michkov has permission to travel in order to attend the live draft on June 28.

We also know that the young player’s plan is to continue developing in the KHL after being drafted, even if the Continental Hockey League isn’t exactly a development-oriented league.

Will a decision be made on his future in Russia after the draft? If Vladimir Putin gives him the green light to come to North America, will he decide to honor his contract in Russia?

Once again, these are questions that remain unanswered for the time being, and that’s exactly what can sow doubt in the minds of NHL executives. Yes, it’s all very well to aim for a home run…

But the case of Matvei Michkov is simply different for the reasons we know today. There are too many aspects at stake.

I can’t wait to see which team decides to take him in the next draft.

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