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Patrice Bergeron predicted a Stanley Cup for the Knights before the season began

At the end of the 2021-2022 season, the Bruins caused a major surprise by firing head coach Bruce Cassidy. He didn’t do a bad job, but he didn’t get Boston to the promised land.

The Knights took advantage of this surprising dismissal to hire him. And let’s just say that his first season at the helm has been a resounding success.

In the Bruins’ locker room, Cassidy was well-liked. In fact, when he returned to Boston, the players went to see him after the game. His dismissal really took everyone by surprise.

Even so, I’m sure his former players are happy with his success in Nevada. In fact, Patrice Bergeron told Mark Stone that if Vegas hired Cassidy, it would win the Stanley Cup. The Quebecer predicted it.

I guess the Vegas captain, whose career is in jeopardy, relayed Bergeron’s words and upper management was convinced.

Boston won’t complain: it has an excellent coach behind the bench in Jim Montgomery. He led the best regular-season team in NHL history. Yes, the team was very talented on paper, but one wonders if the Bruins had had the same kind of season under another coach.

In six seasons with Boston, the now Cup champion coach made the playoffs every season. In 2018-2019, he even made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. The following year, he won the Jack Adams Trophy for the NHL’s best coach.

Aside from the season in which the team reached the Stanley Cup Final (and lost), Boston didn’t make it past the second round on a single occasion. And a talented team like that shouldn’t have such difficulties in the playoffs. Perhaps that’s what led to its demise. One thing’s for sure, I’m sure both sides are delighted with the turn of events.

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