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Conor McGregor: a woman accuses him of sexual assault during the NBA finals
Conor McGregor is not known for treating women well. On three previous occasions, the veteran was accused of sexual assault. However, he was never convicted.

Now another woman has accused him of sexual assault.

This time, the story allegedly took place during the NBA Finals in Miami. The fighter was present at the game last Friday, and it was in the toilets that it all allegedly happened.

But there’s more.

The woman in question also accuses the Heat and the NBA security team of separating her from her friend and then forcing her into the toilets where Conor McGregor was.

This horrific accusation has been levelled at a number of people.

What we do know, at the time of writing, is that the Miami Police Department has launched an investigation into the matter. Unsurprisingly, the man himself has denied the accusations.

It should also be noted that TMZ has managed to get its hands on videos.

McGregor said he would not be intimidated. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but he’s a popular face who’s reportedly already gotten away with the first three such accusations against him.

This is the first time the Irishman has been accused of sexual assault in the United States. Will the scenario be different this time?

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