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Reminder: Adin Hill has already interested the Canadiens

Frankly, I don’t know what Kent Hughes thinks of his situation in front of the net anymore. We know that the GM was actively looking for a goalie, but for the past few days/weeks, Hughes seems to be confident in his current tandem.

After all, he’s no Carter Hart Derby, one of the league’s most promising goalies, and as my colleague Félix Forget pointed out last night, don’t expect management to draft a goalie in the first three rounds of the next draft.

One goalie the CH was once interested in, but in Marc Bergevin’s day, was Adin Hill, the current Golden Knights goalie.

That’s what Stéphane Waite revealed on 98.5 FM last night.

He was with the Phoenix Coyotes the year we were looking for a good second goaltender, and he was in the discussions in Montreal, Adin Hill.

In the end, we went with Jake Allen. – Stéphane Waite

Why am I bringing this up? Because Hill is now a world champion. He just won the Stanley Cup with Vegas, and he was no stranger to the team’s success.

He was the number-one goaltender for most of the series, posting a .932 save percentage and a 2.17 goals-against average. No, he won’t have helped the CH win a Stanley Cup in 2022-2023, but…

Last August, Vegas won the Hill “derby”. To do so, it gave a fourth-round pick to the Sharks, who didn’t ask for much more than that. The man with a history comparable to Miikka Kiprusoff has maintained good stats with the Nevada team this season.

The duo he forms with Logan Thompson for the next few years will quickly make us forget the problem of Robin Lehner. Do I really need to remind you of his problems?

While Lehner is still being paid $5 million annually for doing nothing, Thompson is still under contract for two seasons at an annual salary of $766,667. Hill will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, but let’s just say he has a good chance of staying in Vegas.

One thing’s for sure: he’ll be asking for a huge salary increase. Will the team, which still has a tight payroll, be able to fit this increase under the cap? During the season, they can’t go over the cap, and in the off-season, they can only go over it by 10%.

Could Kent Hughes be interested in the 27-year-old goalie if he doesn’t sign a new contract with the champions?

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