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Pierre-Luc Dubois in Montreal: If there is a deal, Kirby Dach is untouchable
The Habs have already established that they will not trade their captain for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

In fact, that’swhat the Jets asked the CH to do at a certain point in the negotiations. Kent Hughes turned down the offer, which makes perfect sense.

After all, Suzuki is untouchable in the eyes of the GM. The same can be said for Kirby Dach and Cole Caufield, according to Murat Ates, a journalist with The Athletic who covers the Winnipeg Jets region.

Taking a step back, we realize that the Habs may not be the best dance partner with the Jets when it comes to a possible deal.

Kevin Cheveldayoff (GM) wishes to avoid a rebuild and would like to obtain, in return for the services of his great center, one or more established players who are capable of helping the team right away .

Apart from Suzuki, Caufield and Dach, the Habs don’t necessarily have much to offer the Jets in this regard…

In any case, it would have been surprising to see Hughes part with one of his attacking gems. He’s just offered Caufield a long-term contract, Suzuki signed for eight years last summer and Dach was acquired with a view to seeing him become one of the Habs’ top two centers of the future.

I find it hard to believe that the GM would have “scrapped” his plans to acquire the Quebecer from Winnipeg. It simply doesn’t fit with the mentality he’s had since day one.

The team that seems to make the most sense for the Jets’ immediate needs is probably the Los Angeles Kings. They have a nice mix of established players and good prospects already playing in the NHL, and Rob Blake (GM) could use them to add some talent to his roster.

Barring a surprise or a change in the Jets’ plans, the Habs may not have what it takes right now to dance with Kevin Cheveldayoff. Winnipeg’s needs are not the same as Montreal’s…

And that’s the problem.

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