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Martin St-Louis is already the 14th longest-serving head coach in the NHL

My colleague Félix Forget penned an excellent article yesterday, in which he talks about the famous “recycling of coaches”, which in 2023 will be no more than a vulgar cliché. Half, or 16 of the NHL’s 32 coaches, are in their first job as a team head coach. Martin St-Louis is obviously one of them.

Michel Laprise of Balle Courbe put an interesting twist on this statistic today, on his Twitter account, to demonstrate the recent movement in the NHL.

After just 490 days behind the Habs bench, St-Louis is already the 14th longest-serving head coach in his current tenure. In other words, since his appointment as interim coach, no fewer than 17 coaches have taken over with new teams.

Mike Babcock, whose return is not officially official, is not included in this statistic.

Crazy, isn’t it, when we’re not even talking about a full half-year on the calendar?

Let’s add our own twist .

Martin St-Louis ranks 24th among the league’s active coaches in terms of games played behind the bench. Although he’ll soon be overtaken by Babcock for 25th place, we’re already talking about seven head coaches with less head coaching experience than the former Lightning man.

With 119 games in a season and a half, he’s just behind Jay Woodcroft (120), and sees four coaches surpass him by fewer than 100 points. In those 119 games, the St-Louis team racked up a record of 45 wins, 64 losses and 10 overtime defeats.

By comparison, Kent Hughes is the 8th longest-serving GM in the NHL.

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