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Matthew Tkachuk is a doubt for game #5
Many saw the Panthers as favourites going into the Stanley Cup Final. With the wind at their backs, the Floridian team wanted to push the Cinderella team theme to the limit, and despite their status as the 8th-place team, enjoyed a 46% probability of winning the Final (according to Bet365).

With two convincing victories at home and a third win that hurt on the road in Game #4, the Golden Knights almost wiped out the odds for the Panthers.

Now the sky could be falling. Matthew Tkachuk is still a doubt for tomorrow’s game, after missing practice this morning.

It’s no secret that Tkachuk is currently playing through injuries. We think it could be a shoulder problem, for that matter.

That said, is it really logical to think that the Panthers’ star will miss game #5, when his team is on the brink of collapse? After the incredible series Tkachuk has enjoyed, it’s hard to imagine him in a position where he’ll be helpless for his team’s final playoff game.

Is the reality that he’s resting his batteries to the max so he’ll be in (relatively) good shape for Game 5 of the series?

Very, very possibly. We probably shouldn’t worry too much about the fact that he missed an early morning workout.

Tkachuk has been a warrior from the start, and if he’s not a warrior to the end, it’s because the injury he’s enduring is far worse than anyone anticipated.


– Even if he is there, that said…

– The atmosphere is there.

– Phil Kessel isn’t playing, but his presence is felt.

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