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Former FC Barcelona president refuses to acquire Alphonso Davies on grounds of nationality

In the past week, the big news in soccer has been the signing of Lionel Messi with Inter Miami. After all, one of the greatest players of all time is coming to North America, and maybe next year he’ll be on the pitch at Stade Saputo.

Miami and Montreal aren’t playing each other this season, unfortunately.

Speaking of CF, yesterday the club won a big game by a score of 4-0. At home this season, the club has suffered just one defeat in eight games.

When it comes to Canadian soccer, our proud representative Alphonso Davies is a man who is attracting a great deal of interest from all corners of the globe. FC Barcelona, Messi’s former club, contacted Davies before he joined Bayern Munich.

The Spanish club contacted him, but the club’s former president, Josep Bartmoeu, wanted nothing to do with acquiring him, as he is a Canadian citizen. Really?

Is it because of his skin color? Or both?

Davies confessed that it broke his heart. I find it really distressing to see a president of such a prestigious team have racist tendencies…

Bartomeu is a Spanish entrepreneur and he was the president of the soccer club from 2014 to 2020. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the world’s biggest soccer fan, but I’ve read up on the guy.

In the comments on the Instagram post above, people don’t seem to like him. Several supporters of the team confessed that the former manager “ruined” the team and “he was a bad president anyway”.

In short, FC Barcelona really missed the opportunity to acquire a very good player and possibly the best Canadian soccer player of all time at the end of his career.

In gusto

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– Stay tuned.

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