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CH’s questions to young people are increasingly bizarre
For some years now, the Canadiens have been known as a team that asks funny questions.

In 2020, Dylan Holloway was surprised by the following question: “If you had to choose between a $20 in your pocket or a $100 you had to retrieve from a toilet, which would you choose?”

The new direction doesn’t seem much different from the old in this facet, as Kent Hughes and his group ask tough, sometimes even strange questions. He’s the first to admit it. Alex Pharand, a forward with the Sudbury Wolves, said he’d been asked what he’d do if someone passed two old ladies at a wicket. Not typical NHL interview questions, but the player’s response can show his personality and desire.

Pharand said he was going to defend himself and the ladies. On the ice, it can show that he’ll go to war for his teammates, which is a good quality.

Étienne Morin, the Moncton Wildcats defenseman expected to go out in the second round, also had to answer this question, but he was prepared. Dr. David Scott, the Canadiens’ sports psychology consultant and the man who usually asks these types of questions during CH interviews, also works with Moncton. Without divulging all the questions, he gave him a few tips on how to answer them properly.

As last year, the famous question “What animal are you?” was asked. While some 80% of players answered tigers or lions last year, in 2023, the hopefuls are better prepared. At his press briefing on Thursday, Kent Hughes said the answers were more varied.

Morin compared himself to an ant in his ability to move players heavier than himself. He also mentioned the dolphin. Another player, whose identity was not revealed, compared himself to a mother bear.

In the words of Pharand, a forward expected to go out between the fourth and sixth rounds, another of his counterparts received this bizarre question:

Another player was asked, “You have to shoot down a submarine and your friends are sinking. What are you going to do?” – Alex Pharand

No, interviews with the Canadiens aren’t a walk in the park. All the youngsters have to do is behave and be well prepared.

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