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Elliotte Friedman speculates that Corey Perry may be of interest to the Maple Leafs

Corey Perry has been the Maple Leafs’ kryptonite for the last three playoff runs – twice with the Lightning, and once with the Canadiens in 2021. The veteran, who has played in three consecutive finals, has been the kind of player the Lightning needed to take the Toronto organization further in the playoffs: a guy who knows how to play play playoff field hockey and has the leadership to guide an inexperienced team.

Toronto media are starting to talk about freaking out the narrative. In his latest 32 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman dedicated one of his 32 points briefly, but revealingly on the angle approached by the Toronto media:

“Looks like Corey Perry will finally hit the free-agent market. After all these years, will the Maple Leafs be able to make something work? Think about it.”

The media start talking about it, and Friedman is plugged. If he dedicates a point to it, even if he’s weak on the subject, it’s because he’s heard something about it. Sometimes the media tends to execute the phrase “speak things into existence” , especially in a big market like Toronto.

In December 2020, the Maple Leafs decided to sign Wayne Simmonds rather than Corey Perry. It’s interesting to imagine what might have been different had the veteran, fresh off an excellent series with the Stars, signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Already, the first-round series against the Canadiens is at the heart of the “what ifs”.

Simmonds scored 1 point in 9 playoff games with the Leafs, while Perry racked up 26 points in three playoff runs (51 games) with the Habs and Lightning.

Several aspiring teams could try to obtain Perry’s services – will the Maple Leafs come out on top?

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– That hurt.

– He broke into the top 10.

– Djoko wins.

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