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Connor Bedard criticized for extolling the history of the Chicago Blackhawks
The vast majority of the 2023 draft prospects are currently in Buffalo for the National Hockey League combine, where the various youngsters are undergoing physical tests and meeting some of the teams.

Of course, top draft prospect Connor Bedard is on hand, and let’s just say he’s getting pretty much all the attention, even in interviews with other prospects.

Just ask Adam Fantilli, who received more questions about Bedard than about himself during his interview at the combine.

In short, imagine how eagerly awaited the interview with the generational talent was.

Well, last night, Bedard appeared in front of the media, and he answered the journalists’ various questions.

Bedard said, among other things, that it would be great and an honor to be drafted first overall by the Chicago Blackhawks.

The 17-year-old went on to praise the organization’s history and the city’s sporting reputation.

These are perfectly normal and logical comments for a guy who will be drafted first overall at 99.9%.

He would have found a way to praise the Arizona Coyotes if they had won the lottery.

So there’s nothing special about Bedard’s assertion that it would be an honor for him to be drafted by the Blackhawks.

He wasn’t going to disparage the team or say he didn’t like the city, was he?

Yet despite this, many criticized Bedard’s comments, saying he could have saved himself a little embarrassment considering the organization’s past, which everyone knows about.

Our colleagues at Fanadiens also covered the news.

The Blackhawks organization had swept a 2010 sexual abuse case under the rug before it was brought to light by the victim himself, Kyle Beach.

It’s clear, then, that the Blackhawks are an organization that’s looked very bad since this story came out, but what do you expect Bedard to do?

He wasn’t going to hope or even ask NOT to be selected by the Blackhawks because of this story, come on.

I’m in no way minimizing this horrible story, which, by the way, should have prompted the NHL to penalize the Blackhawks by preventing them from getting the first pick.

But Bedard shouldn’t be criticized for this.

There’s nothing he can do about it other than say he’d be lucky to be drafted by Chicago.

In short, it’s a peculiar situation that clearly frustrates the field hockey world, but that’s the way it is and there’s nothing we can do about it, just like Bedard.

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