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CH choice: “It would be David Reinbacher or Ryan Leonard”.

We’ve known for a little over a month now that the Canadiens will be drafting fifth overall in the next amateur draft. Of course, we know that Connor Bedard won’t be available by then, and the same should be true for Adam Fantilli and Leo Carlsson, who are likely to round out the top-3.

Earlier today, we learned that Will Smith would likely be the Sharks’ choice if he were to be available in the fourth spot. It’s just a rumor, but after all, it makes sense.

So, then, the odds are good that the top-4 will consist of Bedard, Fantilli, Carlsson and Smith. At least, I admit I’d be a little surprised if another scenario were to play out.

In the event of this happening, the CH would have the chance to select Matvei Michkov in fifth place. However, according to a source at Sheng Peng, he wouldn’t be one of the two options considered: in fact, it would come down to David Reinbacher and Ryan Leonard in the fifth spot.

According to the same source, Michkov will be drafted with the eighth pick of the draft at the latest, when the Capitals have their turn to speak. That said, the chances of him coming out of the top-5 seem pretty slim at the moment.

If the source in question is telling the truth, I sincerely hope that Leonard will be the team’s choice. In an ideal world, I’d prefer Michkov, but Leonard’s profile is interesting and I prefer him to a guy like Reinbacher, not least because, in my eyes, the city is sorely lacking in big attacking prospects.

I have nothing against Reinbacher as a player (or as a person), but I just think the CH would be better off using the fifth pick to select a forward. In an ideal world, I’d love it to be Michkov, but Leonard is an interesting consolation prize.

So we’ll have to keep an eye on that, but clearly, those are the two names that seem most likely right now. And I too think it will be one of these two players who hears his name come out of Kent Hughes’ mouth on June 28.

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– Can’t wait to see what these youngsters can do.

– Great news for the Quebecer.

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