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Valeri Nichushkin spotted in Russia
The Valeri Nichushkin story, as bizarre as it may be, has been making the rounds of the league in recent weeks.

Let’s recall for the record that the Russian had to leave the Avalanche in the middle of the playoffs because a lady was found in her room by a member of the organization, very, very intoxicated.

At the time, it was said that she had probably overdosed on alcohol or something had mixed into her drink, but the whole thing was still very hazy…

Until we learned that the reasons for his departure had nothing to do with the saga in question. In fact, he left the team to take some time off to heal some nasty injuries, so much so that a report came out saying that he should continue to play for the Avalanche next season.


Nichuskin seems to have improved since he was spotted in an alley in Moscow. His wife, Svetlana, took the photo below:

It’s probably the Avalanche organization that must be pleased to see the player doing well.

After all, he’s a big part of the team… And let’s not forget either that the club offered him an eight-year contract valued at $49 million and that he still has seven seasons left before said contract runs out.

Things could have got complicated quite quickly for Chris MacFarland, the club’s General Manager.

All’s well that ends well, then. Good for him, good for the Avalanche… and good for the NHL’s image.

Because, in fact, the rumours that were circulating about him before the details of the story came to light were not necessarily glowing.

In gusto

– A nice addition for the Leafs.

– Did you know?

– I really like the quote.

– Obviously.

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