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Kent Hughes confident Mailloux-Bettman meeting will go well
Earlier today, Kent Hughes addressed the media at a press conference. The Habs GM made a number of comments about the draft, including one about a prospect who is causing quite a stir: Matvei Michkov.

Will the Russian be drafted by Montreal in twenty days or so? Not according to the GM, who has yet to speak with the player.

In addition to Michkov, Hughes talked about one of the organization’s top prospects, Logan Mailloux. Mailloux will meet Gary Bettman after the Stanley Cup Final.

The Montreal boss is confident that the meeting will go well.

Barring a major surprise, the 20-year-old defenseman will be playing with the Laval Rocket next year. The surprise wouldn’t be if he returned to the Knights (because at 20, he can play in the pros), but if he broke through to the NHL. However, Mailloux will need the Commissioner’s blessing to play.

I don’t think his eligibility will be called into question. I’m not the only one who thinks he’s made real progress in recent years and that his scandal is well and truly behind him. In fact, many of his team-mates had nothing but good things to say about him, and I think that could be a factor in the meeting with the big boss.

Oliver Bonk, Radek’s son, praised his play both on and off the ice. He mentioned that he was a good mentor for the youngsters and that he respects everyone, wherever he is.

But I’ve talked to him and he’s a good person who treats others with respect. We get to lunch and he treats everyone with respect, he greets the waiters. – Logan Mailloux

Knights forward Easton Cowan has learned a lot from Mailloux, and in his words, “he leads by example.

In short, these words say it all, and I’m sure Bettman has spoken to those close to the player and has a good idea of what lies ahead for the young man. After all, everyone makes mistakes, especially at a young age, and we can only applaud the right-hander’s (mostly) off-ice progress.

In bursts

– Well done.

– Can they close the gap in the series?

– Good luck to them.

– I’m hungry.

– Good news.

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