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Draft: The Canadian met Dalibor Dvorsky at the combine
When I think about the next draft, which will take place at the end of June (28 and 29) in Nashville, I get all excited. I really do look like a seven-year-old ass walking into a toy store around Christmas, if that gives you any idea.

After all, we know how talented this year’s crop is. With the fifth overall pick in the first round, the Canadiens will have the opportunity to select a player who has the potential to be very, very good.

In fact, we’re starting to see the names that might interest the club in the fifth spot. Obviously, if we exclude Adam Fantilli and Connor Bedard, who will definitely be gone by the time the Canadiens reach the podium (barring an exceptional turn of events), we’re thinking of…

David Reinbacher, Will Smith, Leo Carlsson and Matvei Michkov. Basically, these are the names that have been linked to the organization most often in recent weeks.

But the idea of the CH drafting another Slovak player with its first pick has also gained ground. And when we talk about a Slovak player likely to emerge in the top-10, we think of Dalibor Dvorsky.

Kent Hughes and his group have done their homework. They met with Dvorsky earlier this week at the NHL combine in Buffalo, and if the young man’s words are anything to go by, the interview went well:

I met Montreal. It was a good interview and I enjoyed myself. They asked good questions. I hope I gave good answers. – Dalibor Dvorsky

I took the time to watch some of his highlights and can see why the Habs might be eyeing him.

We’re talking about a forward with good size at 6’1 and 185 pounds, we’re talking about a guy who has experience against older players, but above all we’re talking about a young man who is a complete player on the ice.

He scores goals, he’s capable of serving his teammates and he’s responsible on all 200 feet of ice. It’s not for nothing that Dvorsky himself would like to become an Anze Kopitar, a John Tavares or a Bo Horvat, because there are similarities between the playing styles of those I’ve just named.

But hey. You know as well as I do that just because the Habs met him doesn’t mean they’ll automatically draft the Slovak. It’s just part of the process leading up to the next amateur auction…

Still, it’s worth noting that the CH seems to have some interest in him. After all, Hughes and his group didn’t meet him for nothing.

In gusto

– Let’s see if it makes a difference.

– Things are hopping in the QMJHL.

– They’ll be ones to watch in the coming weeks.

– I really like the idea.

– Seen the same.

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