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Carter Hart: be careful before asking Kent Hughes to empty the hope bank for him

Since yesterday, the Flyers have been the talk of the town. After all, Daniel Brière is in action mode and doesn’t intend to be passive in rebuilding the Flyers, as we found out yesterday.

The fact that Ivan Provorov is leaving the team shows that the new GM is not afraid to make big personnel moves if he feels that, in the long term, it will be good for the club.

And among the names circulating is Carter Hart, whose idol is Carey Price.

Hart is obviously a young goalie who is still very promising. His name has been circulating in the rumour mill for some time now, and it would seem that the chances of him leaving this summer are good.

The arrival of Cal Petersen should push Hart towards the exit door. Brière is said to already be in talks to send the 24-year-old to other shores.

But does that automatically mean the CH must go all out to get him?

It’s worth noting that, over the past few years, the goaltender hasn’t performed as well as he did in the early days. I’m not saying don’t touch it, but I am saying be careful.

It will be up to the CH staff, if Kent Hughes is interested, to judge whether Hart has the tools to become what he once was.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

And even if we think he can bounce back, we have to ask ourselves two other questions. The first is whether he’s really the best option for the Montreal Canadiens.

The question must be asked.

After all, we know that there’s likely to be a goaltending crisis this summer, and if the Preds want to let Askarov go (which is by no means certain, but who knows with the change in GM?), he has to be preferred to Hart.

I, for one, see him in my soup.

But also, we need to talk to each other about the price tag. After all, if Daniel Brière is really negotiating with several teams right now, that means the cost of acquiring the goalie will surely be high.

Are we willing to give everything for him? Canadien executives and scouts have the answer.

And let’s not forget that the Habs already have three goalies for next year – Cayden Primeau, who can’t avoid the ballot to go to Laval, Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeault.

Would Primeau go to Philly? Maybe… but Allen would still remain.

I find it trigger-happy to assume that Allen, whose two-year contract extension is not yet in effect, will surely be on his way out sooner rather than later.

As #2 behind Montembeault, he’s ideal.

He’s the kind of guy who agrees to plant trees knowing he’ll never sit in their shade, and if the CH lets him go, he’ll quickly find another Allen.

Of course, if it’s to get a guy like Carter Hart and we really believe in him on the bangs of a duo with Monty, for example, I’m not against it. But what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t trade him at any price.

If the fit isn’t perfect with Philly, I think the Habs should take the opportunity to draft a goalie with an excellent draft pick. For me, it’s more urgent because a young goalie doesn’t develop as quickly as a forward.

And even if Hart were to land, why not draft a good goalie?

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