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Patrick Roy moved to tears in front of the Quebec City crowd

Last night, the Quebec Remparts were presented with the Memorial Cup. The team’s players had the chance to share the trophy with thousands of fans.

Because yes, there was a crowd at mass. Quebec City is a field hockey town, unlike…

But in addition to the players, as you well know, Patrick Roy was also warmly applauded by Quebec City fans. Remparts fans made the club’s coach and GM feel appreciated.

Roy, who loves Quebec City, returned the favor.

I’m always going to live here in Quebec City. It’s my home town. To have been lucky enough on two occasions to win the Memorial Cup, to win the big honours, to celebrate with the people.

I couldn’t ask for anything better. – Patrick Roy

The ovation given to the outgoing coach (even if he doesn’t get a job in the NHL, don’t expect to see him back behind the Remparts bench) was absolutely magnificent.

It brought tears to Roy’s eyes.

I have my theory about that. What I think is that Roy sees the doors closing in front of him in the NHL and he may be thinking that his dream of returning to the best league in the world is slipping away.

After all, other than Calgary (where his name isn’t circulating) and Ottawa (which has a coach), his chances seem slim at the moment.

But to see, by contrast, how much he’s appreciated in his hometown, that’s got to put a balm on some wounds. Because yes, I’m sure it must hurt, after proving everything in junior, to see that the NHL doors are so hard to open.

I don’t know what more he can do, since he’s adapted to the reality of 2023… while remaining Patrick Roy.

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