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Owen Beck: the idea of sending him to Europe next year isn’t crazy

Among the Canadian prospects who have done well in the past year, there’s clearly Owen Beck. Drafted at the very beginning of the second round of the last draft, the center did well in the OHL despite a difficult situation, leading his club all the way to the Memorial Cup.

Not for nothing washe named to the OHL’s third all-star team.

That said, the question now is where he’ll play next season. He can’t play in the AHL, and as Stéphane Leroux notes, he’s probably not yet ready to play in the NHL.

That said, when you watch him play, you quickly notice that he may not have much left to learn in junior field hockey. He’s already playing a pretty professional style, so you have to wonder if he’d really benefit from spending another season in the OHL.

So what could be the solution? Andrew Zadarnowski had an interesting idea yesterday: what if the CH loaned him to a European club for the coming season?

In reality, the solution isn’t perfect because it would force the Habs to send him overseas. We know that clubs usually prefer to keep players in North America, but there are exceptions.

And in Beck’s case, an exception could be justified. Unlike a guy like Filip Mesar, for example, he’s ready to play against professionals on a regular basis, and since the NHL may be too big a step forward, Europe may be the best avenue.

If the AHL were a possible path, it would undoubtedly be the best place for him, but it’s impossible for this season.

I still expect Beck to spend next season in the OHL. That said, I hope the Tricolore will at least take some time to see if Beck would be better off spending the next campaign in Europe.

At least, I hope they don’t dismiss the idea out of hand without even considering it. After that, it’s up to management to make the final decision.

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