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Patrick Roy: Senators could redeem 2019’s mistake

What Patrick Roy has accomplished in the last few days is incredible. After all, not only did he win a trophy that’s hard to win, he did it by dominating the Memorial Cup tournament.

Add to that his Stanley Cup rings, MVP and Goalie of the Year trophies, and you have a man who has won just about everything that can be won.

What’s most fascinating is that Roy won the Memorial Cup in 2006 and 2023. 17 years later, he’s managed to renew himself, since everyone knows that the teenagers of 2006 don’t act like the teenagers of 2023.

But Roy has found a way to adapt.

You’d think this would help erase his shortcomings, notably his impulsiveness so strong that he quickly left the Avalanche in 2016, to help him find himself an NHL job in 2023…

But it looks like it’s going to be complicated.

The Ducks don’t seem to have considered Roy. The Capitals and Predators, who have also hired coaches with less NHL experience than him as head coach.

The Rangers obviously don’t want to hire him.

The Blue Jackets, a club of young players, literally preferred to hire a bully (Mike Babcock would be their man) rather than a guy who really gets the trick with the youngsters.

Is it a question of language at this point?

The Flames may be Roy’s last hope among clubs looking for a coach. But even so, the club seems to be well advanced in its process with in-house guys, and Roy’s name hasn’t circulated much. Gerard Gallant’s has.

It may come as a surprise, but even if Craig Conroy did play briefly with Patrick Roy early in his career in Montreal, I don’t think such an exceptional link could tip the balance on its own.

But there’s one team we have to talk about: the Senators.

In my mind, there’s a world in which DJ Smith wouldn’t be back behind the bench. And in such a case, maybe Roy could be a strong face to guide the club, but also to attract people to the arena.

What you need to know is that the Senators came close to signing Roy in 2019. Dorion wanted to go for Smith, but Roy’s candidacy played on his mind when it came up.

On reflection, he opted to pass.

Becausea group that wants to hook the Sens has interest in Roy, because Dorion does too, and because it would help the club from a marketing standpoint, I’m not pushing Roy’s candidacy away so quickly in Ottawa.

I have a feeling that this may be his best chance. And at the same time, the Sens could redeem their mistake of 2019.

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