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Mike Commodore (once again) had a lot to say about Mike Babcock

NHL veteran Mike Commodore isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when the main topic is Mike Babcock.

Onseveral occasions, the former defenseman insulted the Blue Jackets’ possible new head coach.

And when I say repeatedly, I don’t think the fingers of both hands are enough to count the number of times Commodore has publicly spoken his mind about the coach.

We must remember that Commodore didn’t have Nathan Beaulieu among his favourites either.

Anyway, back to the point.

The former Montreal Canadiens player is part of the Clearing The Crease podcast, alongside Andrew Raycroft and James Cybulski, and he didn’t mince his words about Babcock.

TVA Sports has summarized his comments below.

Among the words that came out of his mouth were these.

“I’m sure he walked into the Blue Jackets’ offices and told the executives everything they wanted to hear. “Oh, I’ve changed, blah blah blah,” which is another load of crap. Babcock the bully doesn’t change. Jerks like him don’t change.”

He really isn’t afraid of criticism, saying all those bad words about Babcock for several years now.

You can listen to the whole episode right here.

Commodore also says he’s disappointed by the Jackets’ possible hiring, but not at all surprised that he’s decided to reverse his decision to retire.

In fact, he called Babcock’s supposed retirement “a load of crap”.

Although he has a few friends in the Columbus organization, he strongly hopes that the experience will be a total disaster.

I invite you to listen to this segment, in which Commodore wears a magnificent Montreal Canadiens robe.

I’d love this, to see Babcock have success in Columbus, to see how Commodore would react. We shouldn’t have to wait too long to see Commodore insult the coach again.

In gusto

– Very touching!

– Here’s a guy who s happy to be making the jump to the NHL.

– With a salary of $3.36 million for the next three years, this is indeed a bargain, if his progress this season is anything to go by.

– Cassidy wants to set the tone early in tonight’s game.

– A must-listen!

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