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Logan Mailloux in the NHL: a meeting after the final to see if he can play next year
One subject that has caught the attention of many Montreal Canadiens fans is the eligibility of prospect Logan Mailloux.

Gary Bettman had already mentioned that he would have to be met before he could make the jump to the NHL.

On the NHL YouTube page, there was Commissioner Gary Bettman’s classic press conference before the start of the Stanley Cup Final.

The subject of Mailloux came up, and Bettman affirmed that there will be a meeting between the NHL and him to discuss the young defenseman’s eligibility.

The Ottawa Senators sale has also been on the lips of many lately.

There have been a few developments in recent weeks, but nothing to confirm that the sale would be made official any time soon.

Atthis press conference, Bettman had to answer several interesting questions from journalists, including one concerning the sale of the Sens.

He stated that the process should be finalized within the next few weeks.

We’ve heard that Ryan Reynolds’ group, one of the four parties involved in the sale, won’t be acquiring the Senators after all.

Bettman just mentioned that none of the four remaining groups are officially out of the running.

In addition, the commissioner broached the subject of payroll for the 2023-2024 season.

There were rumours thatthere would be only a small increase in the salary cap.

Bettman confirmed that $1 million would be added to the payroll.

For next summer, we can expect a bigger increase.

As I mentioned, a lot of topics were discussed. To see the entire press conference, you can watch it right here.

Another topic discussed was the future of the Arizona Coyotes. Everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen with the franchise.

Bettman stated that the main goal is to find a home for the Coyotes in Arizona. However, nothing has been confirmed regarding the Coyotes’ home.

The NHL Watcher Twitter page mentioned a very interesting point. He recalls talks about the club playing at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium in MLB.

Several options are still on the table for the Yotes, but this one seems to be the most plausible.

Also, the Valeri Nichushkin controversy resurfaced during the press conference.

Bill Daly, Bettman’s assistant, said there was no NHL investigation into the Russian player, as it was handled appropriately by the Avalanche and he is eligible to play.

Police footage was released earlier this week.

That’s all the highlights of this press conference. The next few weeks will be even more exciting with everything that will be confirmed after the Stanley Cup Final.

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