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Claude Julien: the head coach who had the most positive influence on Nick Cousins

Claude Julien’s (second) reign behind the bench of the Montreal Canadiens was, all in all, a rather difficult one, and generally not so much appreciated by CH fans.

By the end of his reign, the majority of fans were fed up and calling for him to be fired.

Despite all this, Claude Julien remains a renowned head coach who enjoyed many fine years behind the NHL bench, especially with the Boston Bruins.

What’s more, throughout his career, the former CH coach was appreciated by a number of players, while also making his mark on them.

One of these players was Nick Cousins, who played 58 games for Claude Julien in Montreal during the 2018-2019 season.

Cousins seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his days under Claude Julien.

Indeed, the former CH player recently stated that Claude Julien was the head coach who had the most positive influence on him.

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Cousins really liked Claude Julien’s coaching style during his time in Montreal.

And when you take the time to recall Cousins’ time with the Tricolore, you quickly understand why Claude Julien had such an impact on Cousins.

Sound familiar?

At the time, the CH’s former number 21 was used to excess on the power play by Claude Julien, as was Jordan Weal.

Julien liked what Cousins brought to the five-man attack, but CH fans and analysts weren’t unanimous about it.

This is one of the reasons why Claude Julien left Montreal.

In short, Cousins’ short time in Montreal left its mark, and since then he’s continued to make his mark in the NHL as a depth player.

Lately, Nick Cousins has established himself as an important supporting player for the Florida Panthers, who are currently in the Stanley Cup Final.

Cousins eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs in the second round of the playoffs with his game-winning overtime goal in Game 5.

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