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Cole Caufield: a contract of at least seven years, says Tony Marinaro

Ah, Cole Caufield’s contract. It’s the talk of the town – and not just half-heartedly.

One wonders when the Habs will be able to announce the deal, even though there’s no rush. In fact, there’s still plenty of time to put pen to paper with the Habs.

But the more time passes, the greater the speculation. Will Caufield want to sign for just a few years in order to achieve autonomy more quickly and benefit from a higher salary cap?

It’s a fair question.

What may also come into play is the fact that Habs captain and #1 center Nick Suzuki makes less than $8 million a year. That’s bound to change the club’s salary hierarchy.

Does the Habs really want to sign the little winger for less than #14, or is a deal out of the question?

After making the Nick Suzuki connections yesterday, Tony Marinaro added more this morning on Twitter. The Sick Podcast host claims that discussions are progressing well between the CH and Caufield.

He adds that everything is pointing to a contract of at least seven years.

Remember that a seven-year contract would expire at the same time as the captain’s. An eight-year deal, on the other hand, would end one year later, since Nick Suzuki’s eight-year contract is 12.5% complete.

But in either case, he would be UFA at the end of the agreement.


Obviously, to say that discussions are progressing doesn’t mean that the contract is about to be signed. It’s still good news, but it doesn’t mean everything.

Will Caufield, who was expected to sign before the end of the season, finally sign before the draft?

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