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Carey Price is happy and fulfilled, says Stéphane Waite
For years, the Montreal Canadiens could count on Carey Price in front of the net. He was a stabilizing force for the club.

But as you know, that’s all behind us now. The Canadiens know that their goalie will no longer be able to play, and that his playing career is now over.

In fact, he’s just a few weeks away from heading back West with his family.

Mourning the loss of one’s career is not always easy. That said, right now, the Habs’ #31 seems at peace with it all. That’s according to Stéphane Waite, who chatted with the player this week.

The former Montreal Canadiens goaltending coach considers Price to be happy and fulfilled at the moment. He trains regularly in Brossard and is in great shape.

The two chatted for several hours, but field hockey didn’t come up often in the discussion. Why didn’t it?

Probably because, before having a professional relationship, both are men who spent years talking to each other. Both are no longer actively involved in the field hockey world at the moment, so it obviously came up in the discussion.

But more importantly, here’s what leads us to believe (in addition to all the clues of the last few years, including his move) that the goalie really has moved on.

Carey currently feels good, because he can be functional in everyday life. – Stéphane Waite

Let’s not forget that Price had said he didn’t want to mortgage his future for field hockey. He wanted to be able to play with his children and simply live a normal life, which seems to be the case at the moment.

Why would he risk all that to come back and play for a rebuilding club?

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