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Carey Price: if the CH wants to create a goalkeeping department, he has to be part of it

Since the start of the NHL playoffs, there’s been a lot of talk about Sergei Bobrovsky’s big performances. The Russian goaltender has been a huge part of his club’s qualification for the finals, looking like a concrete wall in front of his net.

Obviously, we’re talking about a guy with a great track record, but don’t underestimate the fact that he’s well looked after in Florida. Let’s not forget that there’s a dedicated goalkeeping department headed by Roberto Luongo. Several specialists in the field are also part of this department, so the goalkeepers have plenty of resources at their disposal.

Where am I going with all this?

This morning, Marc-Antoine Godin published an excellent article on The Athletic (which I highly recommend you read) in which he puts forward a very interesting idea: what if the Canadiens launched a goaltending department led by none other than Carey Price?

In his paper, Godin points out that Price has opened the door to getting involved in field hockey after retirement, and cites the examples of the Panthers and Kings, two teams that follow the model of a goaltending department.

Are we talking about a miracle solution? Not necessarily. That said, having a department that focuses solely on goaltending means that everything is more coordinated within the organization when it comes to developing goaltenders.

And if the CH intends to draft a goaltender early in the next draft, it will have to make sure it has the resources to develop him.

Remember that the Tricolore already had a somewhat similar formula following the departure of Stéphane Waite. Sean Burke came to town to head up such a department, but the project quickly fell through (he is currently in a similar position in Vegas).

We agree that Burke’s case in Montreal falls to another management team (namely Marc Bergevin’s), but it at least shows that Geoff Molson seems open to the idea.

Price is currently on the Habs’ payroll, and will remain so for the next three seasons. That said, he’ll never play in the NHL again, and as long as he’s in the organization, why not find a role for him, a bit like Shea Weber and Paul Byron did in recent years?

What’s more, #31 has experience with the goalies currently in the organization. He had Jake Allen as a partner in front of the net for one season (2020-21) and played an advisory role with Samuel Montembeault a few weeks ago.

It’s unclear whether Price, who is currently happy (according to Stéphane Waite), would be willing to relaunch himself right away in a “full-time” role as director of a potential goaltending department in Montreal. Let’s not forget that his family will be well established in the West by the start of next season, which could put him off the idea of coming to work in Quebec.

That said, if the Tricolore wants to set up such a department, Carey Price’s name must be at the top of the list to occupy an important position within it. And with a bit of luck, he could perhaps enjoy similar success to Roberto Luongo in the same role.

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