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Les Prédateurs get “the short end of the stick” following John Hynes’ dismissal
The Nashville Predators have sprung a surprise by firing head coach John Hynes and replacing him with Andrew Brunette.

The popular view is that the team didn’t do things the right way, especially in light of the fact that perhaps they shouldn’t have waited so long after their season was over before announcing the news.

All this to say that, at the moment, the organization is at the heart of several criticisms. In fact, some of the league’s coaches have complained directly to Elliotte Friedman because they don’t like the Preds’ way of doing things.

This is what he had to say in the latest episode of his podcast.

It’s worth noting that the Predators had told Hynes that he certainly wasn’t coming back even though he had one year left on his contract with the organization, and they even allowed him to look elsewhere in the NHL because there are still several positions open.

But the general opinion remains the same: the Predators should have been more upfront with him from the start, because many see the situation as the team having “fooled” him for a long time.

David Poile is still in place, but Barry Trotz has been calling the shots for some time now. He will replace Poile when the latter officially steps down at the end of June.

This means that in over 25 years (1997 to date), David Poile has fired a grand total of… two coaches.

Trotz hasn’t even had his first official day as GM, and his tally is already at one. Not bad, is it?

Let’s not forget that Barry Trotz and Andrew Brunette have a lot in common. It was Brunette who scored the Predators franchise’s very first goal, and at the time, Barry Trotz was the team’s coach.

The two men know each other very, very well.

We know that the NHL is a business, and that there are some very tough decisions to be made at times. In reality, Hynes’ dismissal was certainly not easy for the Predators organization…

But then again, I’m one of those who think they should have handled the situation better.


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