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Martin St-Louis wants his bench to roll better

Martin St-Louis arrived quickly in the NHL as a head coach. He went from a peewee team to an NHL team. But it’s worked for him with the Habs so far. However, he feels he needs to make some adjustments over the next few seasons.

Above all, he would like to see a better rotation of his bench.

In fact, during his appearance on Barstool Sports’ Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, St-Louis explained that he often gets lost in the game. He becomes so focused on the match that he becomes a fan and almost forgets he has to coach. He admitted that his assistant Trevor Letowski has sometimes had to bring him back to order by asking him which players were going to be next on the ice.

St-Louis knows he’s far from the best at rolling his bench, but he’s getting better every game.

The Quebecer also thinks it’s better to train players on a more individual basis. He explained that during his playing career, coaches used to lead in a general way and not focus on a particular player.

St-Louis doesn’t necessarily mean that he has favorite players and that the others will have to learn on their own, but that each player learns differently and that by offering individual help to each player, all players will improve.

This has obviously worked very well with Cole Caufield, who has completely exploded since Martin St-Louis took over at the helm in 2022.

Sean Farrell also recently revealed that he liked St-Louis’ individual coaching . He likes the fact that his coach, who was a small player in the NHL, shows him how to be successful despite his small stature.

St-Louis is becoming a kind of dad to his players. He explained to the podcast hosts that he can’t stand seeing his players on their cell phones all the time. According to him, if you want to be successful, you have to watch your screen time and socialize with your friends and teammates.

During the same podcast appearance, St-Louis also took the opportunity to talk about his players, such as Lane Hutson, whom he hasn’t had the chance to direct yet, but whom he sees rising to prominence.

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