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Lane Hutson “had to” return to university next year, believes Martin St-Louis
Martin St-Louis is always interesting to hear. Always interesting.

After all, we know how passionate he is about field hockey, and even though he’s got the tools to communicate well, I find it’s his love of the game that really stands out when he speaks.

You can tell he really loves his job.

The CH head coach recently appeared on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, hosted by Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney for those less familiar. He talked about his beginnings in field hockey as a youngster, his playing career, his children, his (very good) relationship with Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton…

He also talked about Lane Hutson and Cole Caufield. This is where the discussion became particularly interesting.

On the subject of the little defenseman, he was clear in his words. He really likes what he sees from the young man, who’s just had quite a year on the ice with Boston University and Team USA at the World Championships.

This comes as no surprise, as Hutson’s performance has been nothing short of sensational in recent months. But while fans are excited at the prospect of seeing him come to Montreal one of these days, St-Louis insists that there’s no need to be in a hurry.

In fact, the former NHL All-Star said he believes Hutson needs to return to university next year to continue his development. He didn’t openly say that the defenseman wasn’t ready to play in the big league…

He said he wanted to see him “get stronger” and continue to improve.

I tend to agree with the coach. Especially in view of the fact that there’s no hurry at the moment, as the team is still rebuilding.

I’m convinced that Lane Hutson would enjoy his share of success if he did indeed make the jump to the pros next year, but the Habs organization wants to do things the right way and doesn’t want to rush anything.

After all, one more year in the NCAA definitely won’t hurt. Cole Caufield is a good example: he dominated in his second season on the university circuit and arrived in Montreal full of confidence.

Speaking of our national Tit-Cole

Martin St-Louis talked about his long-term plan for him. The goal is to see him continue to fill the net… But, in the meantime, the coach wants to see him improve overall on the ice.

We’ll be working on other aspects of his game as he continues to score goals. – Martin St-Louis

How will that happen? Only Martin St-Louis has the answer to that question…

But let’s just say I’m not too worried. After all, we’ve seen the sniper’s progress since St-Louis took over in February 2022.

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