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“It was unhealthy”: Matvei Michkov’s entourage would be very controlling

If Anthony Martineau’s (TVA Sports) interview with one of Matvei Michkov’s coaches had the effect of allaying some doubts about the young man’s development context in Russia, Mathias Brunet is clearly not among them.

During the day’s column with Paul Houde on BPM Sports, the La Presse columnist wondered about the young man’s entourage. As the weeks went by, Brunet became less and less optimistic about everything that wasn’t “field hockey”.

“There was a particular dynamic with Dad, who was really pushing it. Will his unfortunate death change that dynamic? Apparently, it wasn’t easy over there.”

-Mathias Brunet

But it’s not just the father, it’s everyone around him. That’s where the questioning comes in. We hear that it used to be difficult, but how the situation will evolve is hard to know.

“The boy’s entourage controlled his environment, his team, the threesomes, the drills… It was unhealthy. He has a temper.”

-Mathias Brunet

Let’s not forget that several scouts would have raised the flag about the young man’s own attitude. For all the talent he’s got, and even if he turns out to be the Russian Connor Bedard, Matvei Michkov has been getting a few red flags lately.

Often, there’s no smoke without fire. Sorry to trot out that clichĂ©.

It’s also possible that we’re simply dealing with a 17-year-old who still has a lot to learn, and who will adapt to the NHL differently.

Stay tuned. NHL scouts probably know quite a bit about the youngster, even if not as much as they’d like.

Will the Habs take a chance on him if he’s available?

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