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SLBAM: Salary cap needs to be reviewed before and during the playoffs

Another week means another article. Such a beautiful weekend and I’m doing the article. That’s how much I love this.

So here are my questions for the week.

Good question. For my part, my preferences are those I’d like to coach. I love field hockey, but I’m a fan of the good teams and sometimes, a bandwagon even. Above all, I like to watch good teams and good players.

In Montreal, I have no choice, for the simple reason that the feeling of coaching the Montreal Canadiens, the tradition, even if it’s not what it used to be, must be insane.

My 2nd choice, I have no choice but to say Colorado. I love the team, on and off the ice. The speed, the involvement of the defensemen and the creativity of the players and games.

Last team and that’s just for the players: the Pittsburgh Penguins. Crosby, Malkin, Letang. The leadership of this team and the experience of the players, I could grow as a coach, especially with everything I’ve heard about these players and how involved they were with the team.

I like this little website that gives a good idea.

It’s perfectly normal for a player to prefer another location for the tax rate. They may make a lot of money, but between losing 30% or 55%… the majority of you would take the 30% loss only and not 55%.

The four teams in the conference finals have no taxes in their state. Is that a reason or not why they’re there? It’s hard to say, as we’re talking about 2nd, 5th, 8th and 17th place overall.

But there’s no denying that it’s a solid helping hand.

Could the whole thing be reviewed? Yes, definitely. Why not a salary cap based on tax rate instead, to put everything on an equal footing? That would change parity too.

The other point: we remember Julien BriseBois, who suggested we should be careful with the payroll, because we could exceed it in the playoffs, but the other GMs in the league didn’t think it was a good idea to change the format at the time. The rest is history.

Now, just look at Vegas right now. Several injuries during the season. They come into the playoffs with a $95.5 million payroll. We’re talking just $11 million over the top.

It just doesn’t make sense. We have to fix this, because it’s getting out of hand.

I’ve always said it takes an extra goal to win a game, because I’ve never seen a 0-0 win. Personally, I understand the idea, but unless your seventh defender is a defender who can play top-4 everywhere and is offensive, I don’t hate the idea.

Because in the end, playing with nine forwards one season, the level of injuries is only going to increase. In the end, you’re going to need more strikers. An 11-7 formation would be more feasible. On the other hand, having three lines isn’t bad for the short term, but in the long term, it’s a no-no.

At 100 MPH and without hesitation. You can never have too many veterans on a team, even more so if they’re still capable of playing in the league.

Perry should never have left the CH organization, we agree. But with the CH up and running, there’s a crying need for veterans, but good veterans who lead by example, not Armia. You have no choice but to offer him a contract if he wants to be back in Montreal.

Especially since, after Tampa’s elimination, he said he was still capable of playing, but that he especially wanted to help a young team. What’s more, he can play a role that many players don’t like to play on the power play.

See you next week with more questions and a huge thank you. Follow me on social networks @Mitch_Giguere.

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