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Nick Suzuki and Kaiden Guhle play golf with Chris Nilan

It’s always great to hear from Montreal Canadiens players while they’re on vacation.

We like to see what they do with their vacations, and where they spend them.

In the case of team captain Nick Suzuki, well, he’s vacationing in Quebec, in Montreal, for the second summer in a row.

This allows him to discover more of the city, while immersing himself more and more in Montreal culture.

Perhaps he’s even taking advantage of the opportunity to continue his French lessons.

Last summer, Cole Caufield also stayed in Quebec to spend the summer in Montreal with his good friend Nick Suzuki.

Well, this year, Suzuki’s two other teammates, Josh Anderson and Kaiden Guhle, are also spending the summer in Montreal.

The guys spend some time together, as was the case yesterday, when Nick Suzuki and Kaiden Guhle went golfing with CH alumnus Chris Nilan.

It’s a very nice gesture on the part of both young players to spend such quality time with a Tricolore alumnus.

In any case, it makes you wonder who won. I’d put my two cents in on Suzuki, who won the golf-hockey event in the skills competition.

It’s especially nice to see Suzuki and Guhle, two young players who will be headliners and pillars of the team for many years to come, take the time to meet and do activities with a CH alumnus.

It really shows how attached the two youngsters are to the city and the club’s history.

They’re staying in Montreal for the summer to have experiences like this.

In short, it puts a smile on your face to hear from the captain and another important young CH player over the summer.

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