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Bruce Cassidy says his team wouldn’t have beaten the Coyotes last night
Spectacular comebacks in the playoffs are always incredible stories to follow, no matter what the sport.

Everyone loves to see a comeback in a game, let alone an entire series.

When a team finds itself trailing 3-0 in a four-of-seven series, it has nothing left to lose and must win the next four games to stay alive.

The Dallas Stars found themselves in this situation a few days ago, when the Golden Knights took a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference Final.

Peter DeBoer’s team had no choice but to win four games in a row, taking them one at a time.

Well, here we are a few days later, and the Stars are still alive, having won two games in a row.

Last night, they forced a Game 6 with a 4-2 win over the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Stars have now completed half of the huge reverse sweep task that awaited them just a few days ago.

The other good news for the Stars is that the series is now heading back to Dallas.

All of which is understandably frustrating for the Golden Knights, who missed two opportunities to end the series and advance to the Stanley Cup Final.

This frustration was keenly felt last night by Golden Knights head coach Bruce Cassidy,

Cassidy was not in the best of moods, and was highly critical of his players after the loss.

Among other things, he said that with all those turnovers (24 to be precise), he doesn’t even believe his team would have beaten the Arizona Coyotes in January.

It’s a big statement that shows just how unhappy the coach is with his team’s performance.

It’s also a lack of respect for the Arizona Coyotes, although it certainly didn’t outrage many people in the desert considering the number of fans.

Cassidy really didn’t appreciate his players’ game, and even talked about Adin Hill’s weak goal, the winning goal.

Clearly, this is a shot that Hill has to stop, but seeing the replay, you notice that the puck deflects, which makes the shot very difficult to stop.

Plus, I don’t think the Golden Knights are where they are right now without their goalie.

In short, this is the kind of comment that can have a positive or negative effect on players.

Either the players can feel brewed by these comments and therefore come out with a huge performance in game number 6, or they can feel betrayed and turn their backs on their coach.

Cassidy therefore looks panicked and very worried, which is a great positive for the Dallas Stars, who now really have a chance of coming back level in this series in order to force a game number 7 like the Boston Celtics did last night.

(Credit: Google/NBA)
The Celtics trailed 3-0 in their semifinal series against the Miami Heat, and now the series is tied.

Let’s see if the Stars can pull off the same feat.

Game 6 of the series between the Stars and Golden Knights takes place tomorrow at 8pm.

In Rafale

– Canadian players to watch tomorrow at Roland-Garros.

– The Montreal CF name continues to be the talk of the town.

– By the way, CF Montreal won yesterday.

– Here’s the only goal of the match, courtesy of Chinonso Offor.

– A big thank you to Jonathan Sirois, who continues to shine.

– It’s also worth noting that last night’s visit to Saputo Stadium was a great one.

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