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Pierre-Luc Dubois enjoying time with his Winnipeg teammates
Week after week, rumours and information link different players to different teams in the National Hockey League.

The Montreal Canadiens are no exception, as the rumours are all the more intense in the city of the $5 million ring.

And if there’s one player who’s getting virtually all the attention when it comes to rumours linking him to Montreal, it’s Pierre-Luc Dubois.

Indeed, the Winnipeg Jets’ Quebec center remains one of the hottest topics in Montreal to this day.

Everyone talks about Pierre-Luc Dubois as if he were already a member of the CH, whereas right now, he’s a Jets player who won’t even be an uncompensated free agent this summer.

Why is this so?

Because we’re well aware of Dubois’ great interest in playing at home in Quebec.

He wants to play in Montreal, and that’s what fuels so many rumors.

All of which explains why every move made by the Jets’ number 80 is closely watched by Montreal fans and media alike.

Yesterday, Dubois posted a few photos of his off-season on Instagram, where he can be seen enjoying life with some of his Winnipeg teammates.

Dubois is spending some quality time with his Jets friends on various trips around the world.

This means that the Quebecer has really developed a good bond with his teammates, despite all the rumours sending him to Montreal.

The question I’m asking myself and now I’m asking you: could the strong bonds forged between Dubois and his teammates sway Dubois towards the option of staying with the Jets?

We know that field hockey players generally don’t want to move to Winnipeg, especially not for the long term.

Dubois seems to be no exception, considering all the rumours about his interest in leaving the Jets to join the CH.

However, the fact that Dubois gets along so well with so many players in the dressing room may make him think more carefully about his future.

There’s no guarantee that Dubois would get along with the CH players – on the contrary.

He’d get such a star-studded welcome from Montreal fans and media alike, it would surely make some Tricolore players jealous.

In fact, the hype surrounding Dubois might even give him too much of a headache when he arrives in Montreal, which would damage his relationship with his new teammates.

In short, it’s clear that this is something Dubois will take into account when deciding on his future, but at the same time, when you look at the friends he’s currently traveling with, you notice that they’re not Jets stalwarts.

In fact, Dubois’ publication features the following players (from left to right):

  • Kevin Stenlund: 26 years old, depth player who still straddles the NHL and AHL – also a former teammate of Dubois in Columbus.
  • Pierre-Luc Dubois
  • Morgan Barron: 24 years old, character player who has made his way into the Jets’ bottom-6 this season, but is not the foundation of the Jets’ future.
  • Axel Jonsson-Fjällby: 25 years old, drafted by the Jets earlier this season with 73 career NHL games played.
  • Emil Bemstrom: 23, former teammate of Dubois in Columbus.
In short, Dubois is a player to keep an eye on for a long time to come.

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