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Matvei Michkov: the type of player who can easily put together a 100-point season
The 2023 National Hockey League draft is fast approaching.

Between now and June 28 and 29, we’ll see many different rankings and comments on the many prospects in the 2023 draft.

Experts and analysts all have different opinions on each of the top prospects in the upcoming draft.

Well, the prospect who is undoubtedly generating the most controversy at the moment, and on whom comments differ the most, is of course Matvei Michkov.

The name of the young Russian prospect is on everyone’s lips in the field hockey world, and even more so in Montreal in recent weeks, given that the Tricolore will be talking about the 5th spot, a position where Michkov could very well be available.

What’s complicated in the case of Mishkov, well, is the fact that he’s Russian and has a contract in the KHL until 2026.

Vladimir Putin and Russia could prevent the youngster from joining the NHL.

The mere fact that he’s Russian is already scaring a lot of teams, including the CH, according to various reports.

However, Mishkov’s talent is undeniable, and that’s what has the GMs of many teams scratching their heads.

Most experts agree that Mishkov is the second-best player(some even say first) in this draft.

The general opinion is that if Mishkov were a Canadian, for example, he’d definitely be drafted second, maybe even first.

In short, he’s a controversial prospect who, in the end, could make several teams, including the CH, regret not taking the risk.

Despite all the negativity and comments about Michkov being too big a risk, some experts hold him in very high regard, and that’s the case with Scott Wheeler.

The renowned prospect expert recently explained that he sees Mishkov as a type of player who will easily score 100 points in a season one day.

That’s a big comment, especially coming from the guy who says he never said that about Connor McDavid (back in the day) and Connor Bedard.

“He’s the kind of player who can have an easy 100-point season at the peak of his career. I’ve never said that about any other prospect, whether it’s McDavid or Bedard, so it’s a testament to his true talent.” – Scott Wheeler

That’s a pretty big statement from the renowned expert, who explains that Michkov is a lot closer to Bedard than some people think.

Mishkov will become a true NHL star, whenever that may be.

According to Wheeler, ‘is the best Russian prospect since 2004, the year Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin were drafted.

In short, teams that decide not to draft Michkov may come to regret it in a few years’ time.

Let’s hope the CH doesn’t make such a mistake, if Michkov really is a star in the making.

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