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The Neko Sparks “group” is actively looking for money to buy Sens

The list of potential buyers for the Ottawa Senators includes Neko Sparks’ group. Who’s he, you ask?

Well, that’s exactly the question everyone’s been asking for the past few days. There are no clear clues as to who he is, and some are even wondering if he’s a fraud.

This is all the more true when we learn that the “group” is actively looking for money right now to buy the club from the nation’s capital.

Sounds very fishy, let’s put it that way.

It should be noted that Snoop Dogg had joined forces with the group in question to purchase the Ottawa franchise… But the popular rapper abandoned the project in the last few days.

It’s especially worrisome because we really wonder where the money came from that was linked to the group’s offer in the first place. The problem is, we don’t even know who the main person involved is, and nobody seems to know.

Again, it’s a really bizarre situation.

We read in The Athletic that the group is “still alive” in the Senators’ sale process and that its only way to “survive” is to make an offer that the NHL can’t accept. We’re talking in excess of a billion dollars.

But to do so…

The group has to find investors and try to find a way to raise cash. That’s where the problem lies…

And that’s exactly why, at the time of writing, the matter is more than a little unclear.

On the other hand, I tell myself that if the group wasn’t legit, it wouldn’t be in the running right now.

Because in reality, the league doesn’t have time to fool around with a group that doesn’t seem serious in 2023.

In brief

– I love it. They’re creative!

– It comes with maturity.

– That’s a good one.

– Top prospects who will compete in the Memorial Cup:

– No surprise there. D-Hop has really slowed down in the last two years in terms of stats.

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