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Samuel Montembeault, Canada’s best player at the CDM
Since the start of the World Championship, Samuel Montembeault has been smoking in front of the Canadian cage.

He has allowed just six goals in five games and boasts a .949 save percentage.

That’s really excellent.

In fact, Monty is one of the reasons behind Team Canada’s success so far in the tournament.

With yesterday’s win over Finland, Canada qualified for the semi-finals… And when you look at the statistics in the above tweet, you can see just how important a cog the Quebecer is in the team’s progress.

But the discussion goes even further than that.

Bruno Gervais (on 98.5 FM) and Eric Engels (BPM Sports) have both stated that, right now, Montembeault is Canada’s best player since the start of the competition.

And they’re right.

I really, really like Eric Engels’ point when he talks about Samuel’s development.

Because, it’s so true that he’s been good this year from the perspective that he didn’t necessarily have a lot of pressure on his shoulders. After all, we knew from day one that the Habs weren’t going anywhere in 22-23, and with the club quickly eliminated from playoff contention, the pressure to perform wasn’t always there.

Things are different at the World Championship, however. After all, these are games played on the international stage, and you know as well as I do how important this tournament is for all the players who take part.

You don’t always get the chance to defend your country’s colors. When the opportunity arises, even though the competition may not be as great as an NHL playoff game… It’s still great field hockey, because the guys give it their all on the ice.

Yes, it’s very interesting to see Montembeault dominate like that at the World Championship, even if Canada hasn’t had a relatively difficult run so far.

And he’s reminding everyone that he wants a real chance to make his mark as number one in the National League.

And he’s doing it wonderfully.

In gusto

– A rather special legacy.

– His background is a bit unique.

– The tattoo doesn’t seem to be real, unfortunately.

– Really?

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