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Logan Mailloux looks NHL-ready

Logan Mailloux officially completed his junior training period when the London Knights were eliminated in the OHL finals. He’ll be joining either the Canadiens or the Rocket next season.

He had an excellent last season in junior and seems ready for the NHL. At least, that’s what Anthony Martineau of TVA Sports thinks.

If the Knights’ publication is anything to go by, Logan Mailloux would be the highest-scoring defenseman in franchise history for a single playoff run with 24 points. However, a little digging reveals that he actually ranks second on this list, just behind Brad Schlegel, who scored 25 in 1988.


Still, it’s an impressive feat, as he’s surpassed the mark set by big names like Olli Maatta, John Carlson and Evan Bouchard.

Points are nice, but they’re not everything when you consider the talent of a player, especially a defenseman. However, Mailloux has managed to improve in a number of areas, notably his puck management, as Anthony Martineau explains.

If we are to believe the TVA Sports journalist, Mailloux really seems ready to play in the NHL. At 6’3″, he’s unlikely to have any physical problems.

His performance during the Knights’ last series was truly incredible. He was London’s most important defenseman and was there time and time again to help his team win games. He was the top scorer among OHL defensemen in the playoffs with eight goals.

As Martineau explains, there are still many aspects of Mailloux’s game that need fine-tuning, but it’s understandable that everything can be learned. He’s young and has missed a lot of playing time. He’ll probably have to make up for that in the pros.

Personally, I think he’ll start the season with the Laval Rocket, but he’ll be an important player for the team. There’s a lot of competition on the CH blue line and he won’t get much playing time if he plays in Montreal.

Let’s hope he’s in top form for the Habs’ next training camp.

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