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Carey Price: talented both on the water and on the ice

In general, everyone in Montreal misses Carey Price, even those who weren’t his biggest fans.

The Montreal Canadiens goaltender’s career was grandiose, and left its mark on the imagination of an entire generation.

There’s never been any confirmation that it’s over, but everyone in the field hockey world knows that the Tricolore’s No. 31 has already played his last NHL game, unfortunately.

However, that hasn’t stopped Price from pursuing his other passions.

Indeed, it has long been known that the CH goalkeeper is a huge fan of hunting and fishing.

In fact, he’s never made any secret of the fact, which has sometimes caused controversy in the media and on social networks.

We remember.

The fact remains that Price loves to share his passions, and we heard about it again yesterday, when the former CH goalie caught a huge fish in Nova Scotia.

Price proved he’s as talented on the water as he is on the ice.

A 40-inch striped bass was one of the fish that took Carey Price’s bait.

It happened while he was on an excursion with fishing guide Matt Szeto on the Stewiacke River.

Szeto made a point of immortalizing the moment with an Instagram post in which he explains how grateful he is to know Carey Price so well.

“I’m extremely grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to accompany Carey Price on the water and show him our world-renowned striped bass fishery.”

“It quickly became clear to me why he is considered an incredible role model to so many. Thank you, Carey, for the excitement, the laughs and the life advice.”
– Matt Szeto

Anyway, it’s always nice to hear from Price like this, even if you’re by no means a fan of fishing.

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