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Neko Sparks: the Senators’ strange potential buyer

The Senators saga has been going on for several months now, and we’ll soon know the franchise’s next owner. The only thing that bothers me is one of the potential buyers of the Ottawa Senators: Neko Sparks. Who is this man?

Bruce Garrioch explained on Twitter that Neko Sparks’ offer would not be competitive and that his group would still be looking for a way to accumulate the money to buy the Sens.

In fact, the whole Neko Sparks story seems very nebulous.

Sparks describes himself as an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies such as PixelLime, Niros Finance, iSparked Labs and PJs and Pixels. I’ve never heard of any of these companies.

A Reddit user has also never heard of these companies and decided to investigate Neko Sparks.

In fact, Neko Sparks’ situation is so nebulous that no one understands who he is or what he does for a living. According to his LinkedIn account , Neko Sparks has been working in the field of artificial intelligence and technology for 15 years.

However, I’ve never dealt with the companies He says He created. It’s strange, especially coming from an investor who wants to buy a team whose market value currently hovers around the billion-dollar mark.

He explains in his social networking accounts that he is a film buff and has produced films. According to his IMDB page, Neko Sparks has worked on eight different films in which he has acted as producer, actor, director or producer. Again, I have no idea where his money comes from.

He also explained that he has a passion for medicine and that he studied medicine for several years at the University of Colorado at Denver. Again, this proves nothing about him having the money to buy the Ottawa Senators.

In fact, according to some Reddit users, Neko Sparks runs a site called Niros Finances that tries to sell cryptocurrency called Niros. When you try to buy the cryptocurrency, a little warning window pops up explaining that it’s not a regular currency and that you should always do your research before buying cryptocurrency.

It’s a bit scary.

The fear of some is that Neko Sparks could be scamming people with this cryptocurrency and amassing money that way. It’s still very unclear, but I invite you to check out scoobydubnyk’s post on Reddit to try and understand more.

In any case, it doesn’t look good for Neko Sparks, who seems to be having trouble raising the money to buy the Senators. Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Neko Sparks’ group to buy the Ottawa franchise. We’ll have the answer to our questions soon.

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