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Lane Hutson acclaimed again: “He’s going to change the way we look at defenders”

About a month and a half ago, American journalist Chris Peters had a ton of interesting things to say about Lane Hutson, whom he watched a lot over the past season. In addition to comparing him to Johnny Gaudreau, Peters discussed in numbers and game-reading terms just how much the Canadiens’ prospect had improved over the course of the season.

Now, the journalist is back at it again with a big statement.

In the latest episode of his Talking Hockey Sense podcast on YouTube, Peters believes that Hutson will simply change people’s perception of the defenseman position.

“I’ve never seen a player like him. He’s a remarkable talent, he has exceptional presence on the puck. He’s going to change the way we look at defensemen. I’ve been watching field hockey for a long time and I can’t think of a defenseman who plays like Lane Hutson.”

A little later, however, he specifies that he’s not talking about revolutionizing his position, but about changing the way we perceive defenders, specifically small ones. He tempers expectations by indicating that he doesn’t believe he’ll be dominant, but that he’ll still have a major offensive impact on his team.

In six games at the World Championship, Hutson has 2 goals and 3 assists – against men – and normally plays between 15 and 17 minutes per game, used in the first wave of the power play.

The phenomenon is alive and well, and Habs fans can be glad to have this young man to watch, considering his ease in any context where he’s positioned.

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– Honorable.

– The mission is clear in Calgary.

– He didn’t even speak to the media after the game.

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