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Drouin and Monahan: 1 year / $2 M, a respectable deal according to a contract projection
Sean Monahan and Jonathan Drouin.

Two relatively different cases, but both similar in one way or another.

I say this because, in reality, both will have to fight to prove they still have a place in the NHL. It will be harder for Monahan because of his injury history, of course.

Drouin is still young and still has good field hockey to offer in the best league on earth. There’s no one, no one, who’s going to change my mind about that.

But if we’re honest, we realize that some clubs might be reluctant to add a player like Drouin because of his inconsistent performance in recent years.

You know exactly where I’m going with this.

We all agree that next year, the two main players won’t earn the same salary. The Quebecer earned $5.5 million last season, while Monahan commanded a salary of $6.375 million.

Both will be free as a bird this summer.

On that subject, Frank Seravalli (Daily Face Off) has published an article about the top 50 free agents available this summer. Mohahan and Drouin are listed (respectively) 47th and 48th…

And, according to AFP Analytics, an advanced statistics firm that provides a specific contract projection for each player, a salary of two million (for one year) could be respectable in the case of Drouin and Monahan for next season .

I don’t think it’s crazy though.

Both guys don’t have the luxury of asking for the moon for their next respective contracts and even then, as I said at the outset…

They’ll have to prove their worth next year. Whether in Montreal, or elsewhere.

The idea of the CH signing either of these two players isn’t too popular at the moment, because the Montreal organization seems to be looking to the future.

The general observation is this: Drouin and Monahan won’t be around in three years, when the Canadiens enter their prime. That’s why it would be surprising to see the CH offer them a “new chance”…

Even if we’re talking about a respectable contract in both cases.

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– Another rule change in the NFL.

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