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Radko Gudas received death threats from a Hurricanes fan (who has his address)
The Panthers are all the rage these days. After all, the Florida club is performing better than expected, which has got people talking.

Of course, the two most talked-about players are Matthew Tkachuk and Sergei Bobrovsky. Even those who only follow the playoffs out of the corner of their eye know why.

But Radko Gudas is also the talk of the town.

An important part of his team’s success, Gudas has a memorable beard, a style of play built for the playoffs… and he doesn’t worry too much about his opponents’ feelings.

The Panthers are happy to have him… and clearly, there’s one fan of the Hurricanes, the team facing the Panthers these days, who isn’t happy to see him facing his club.

And why is that? Because he threatened Gudas in the last few days.

Basically, as seen on Twitter, user @canesplswin posted a screenshot of Gudas’ Florida address. For the record, we won’t be posting his address.

And the second photo? A bombshell.

(Credit: Twitter)
Many people had time to take a screenshot before the tweet was deleted. Among them was a criminologist who relayed the message to say that it had been postponed.

With good reason.

Understandably, the situation was taken seriously by the authorities. When the Panthers returned to Sunrise, police officers were waiting for the club to ensure their safety. Gudas was taken to safety.

Let’s hope Gudas and his family are safe.

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