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Marc Bergevin: Elliotte Friedman’s turn to link his name to that of the Leafs
Marc Bergevin and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I don’t know why, but it sounds like the phrase doesn’t necessarily ring true. Rather, it sounds like the impression that he’d get a job with the Toronto organization is far-fetched, given his years in Montreal.

But the possibility of him landing there is real, it seems. Yesterday, Darren Dreger named him in the discussion for the next GM in Toronto

And this morning, it was Elliotte Friedman’s turn to link his name to that of the Leafs in his podcast.

Clearly, this is more than just a rumour.

We all agree that things would have been different if Berg had still been in the running for the Pittsburgh and Calgary GM positions.

But now, since he’s no longer on the list of potential names in the two cities I just named, it opens the door for him in Toronto.

Some say that the former Flannel GM is a very interesting candidate for the Leafs, given that he’s already used to working in such a high-pressure market. After all, he was in Montreal for almost ten years…

And he has the necessary experience to deal with all the pressure in Toronto. In reality, the Toronto market isn’t all that different from Montreal.

We’re talking about two clubs that are more than important to the NHL, two markets with enormous media coverage.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who think that Bergevin might not be ready to accept such a role, knowing how mentally draining it can be. Personally, I find it hard to believe that he would say no to such an opportunity.

We all know that in the coming months, the Leafs may have a different face. The idea that one of the team’s four star forwards could be traded this summer has gained a lot of traction since the club’s early elimination in the second round against the Panthers…

And if there’s anyone who isn’t afraid of making such decisions, it’s Marc Bergevin. The Subban vs. Weber trade is probably the best example that could describe the situation… And the Leafs are kind of in the same boat right now.

All this to say that we shouldn’t necessarily be surprised if Marc Bergevin is able to land the job in Toronto. It would be weird, very weird…

But I have a feeling we’ll get used to it pretty quickly if it happens.

In Brief

– No surprises here.

Wow .

– Interesting stuff.

– Well said.

– He’ll be one to watch early in the season.

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