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GM: Marc Bergevin and Scott Mellanby could be of interest to the Leafs
There are currently two teams in the NHL without a general manager. They are the Maple Leafs and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Flames found their GM yesterday.

As for clubs without a GM, several rumors and speculations have surfaced in recent days, and Marc Bergevin seems to be in every race. We knowhe was a finalist candidate in Calgary, but in the end, he came up short.

We also know that he was interviewed in Pittsburgh, but again, he didn’t convince the owners.

What about Toronto? According to Elliotte Friedman, the Leafs are looking for a general manager with “bite” who isn’t afraid to make decisions.

Darren Dreger named Ray Shero, Peter Chiarelli and MB, all experienced bosses, as potential candidates to watch.

Dreger also named former Bergevin assistant Scott Mellanby. Mellanby has no general manager experience, but there’s been interest in him around the NHL since he left Montreal.

Bergevin didn’t get very far in the Penguins’ hiring process, because the team is looking for someone young, aggressive and experienced as GM.

Once again, Kyle Dubas seems the candidate of choice.

Dubas mentioned a few days ago, however, that it’s Toronto or nothing for him. Even if Pittsburgh wanted to sign him, would he take the job? Does being fired change things? That remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure: he’d have a tough job getting the team back on its feet, and even if Pittsburgh isn’t Toronto, the pressure’s on.

As for Marc Bergevin, after a less busy year working in the Kings’ offices, he seems ready to return as general manager. As for Mellanby, his former right-hand man, he always seems to come up short. Will that change soon?

In Brief

– Is it?

– Obviously.

– Baseball.

– The Canadiens continue their run tonight.

– He is excellent.

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